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Britney Spears
Heppinn ađdáendi
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Einhver heppinn ađdáendi senti bréf til Britneyar og bađ um eiginhandaáritun og viđ innan einn og hálfan mánuđ fékk hann alvöru eiginhandáritun frá henni...já hún getur líka veriđ ágćt hún Britney okkar...ef ţiđ viljiđ reyna ađ senda bréf til hennar ţá senti hann á heimilsfangiđ..og myndin sem fylgir er myndin sem hann fékk
c/o Britney Spears Foundation
432 Park Avenue South, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016

Bréfiđ hér fyrir senti strákurinn Matt

"I sent Britney a sweet letter and not even a month and a half later she sent me a real autographed picture. I can't believe the biggest pop star in the world takes the time to show her appreciation to her fans. I truly love Britney and she is my favorite performer in the entire world. I sent the letter to:
c/o Britney Spears Foundation
432 Park Avenue South, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016


Here is the letter I wrote to her:

Dear Britney,
My name is Matt Gibson, I am 18, and will be a sophomore at UW Milwaukee next fall. I am sure you get tons of fan mail so I'll keep this one short. I just wanted to write you a quick letter saying thanks. First of all, you are by far the greatest performer of our time! Your performances are fun, sexy, and very entertaining!!! Your music is also AMAZING! Every time I am at a club or a party with my friends and one of your songs comes on, we all, in this order:
1. Scream
2. Run to each other
3. Scream again
4. Dance and get nasty!

Your music is the best, and it really has brought my friends and I together. So many times we have supported you in the face of adversity (i.e. in front of haters!), and so many countless times we have gotten nasty to your music! I went to your "Dream Within a Dream tour" in Milwaukee with my group of friends and it was the greatest night of my life!!! First off, I got to see you in concert for the first time (needless to say it was amazing), and just being there with all of my friends, dancing together (we were almost kicked out for dancing too much and obstructing people's view!), and letting the music take over our bodies and becoming a slave to the music was all SO FUN! It really was the greatest night of my life!

I cannot wait for your next album!!! I heard your next single is called "Boom!" Oh! That sounds so hot! I also LOVE your new hairstyle! Brunette and beautiful is the way to go! I cannot wait for your new sound and style! I'm sure it will be amazing like all of your work has been so far.

Well, I just wanted to thank you for bringing my friends and I together with your music. You will really never be able to know how much you have affected our lives. Thank you Britney! You really are also an inspiration for my friends and I too =)
June 4th is my 19th birthday and I was wondering if my all time favorite performer could send my a signed picture? If you could that would be AMAZING and it would make this birthday the best one EVER!!!

-Your number ONE fan in the world!